If the pandemic has taught today’s businesses anything, it’s that they need reliable and redundant communication systems to deal with the times of emergency. Poor communication could lead to lower productivity and reduced sales. Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an excellent solution to complement or even replace current communication technologies and transitioning to a VoIP telephone system offers a wide range of real-world benefits that today’s businesses need to survive.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some of the benefits of a cloud telephone system in 2021:

Cost-Effective – with employees needing to remain at home while working, it is important for them to be able to interact with co-workers and managers continuously. Phone calls and text messages can be very expensive, especially if employees need to communicate often. VoIP uses an existing Internet connection to convert sound to digital form and sends it to the recipient. The cost of VoIP depends on the monthly Internet charges and there’s no additional cost. For employees and businesses, VoIP could help them save money.

Features – VoIP systems are feature-rich solutions that enable employees to operate as if they were in the office, even when they’re not. You can send voicemails to instant messaging or emails if the intended recipient isn’t available at the moment. It’s easy for organisations to centralise VoIP communication for better coordination. Other features include mobile integration, auto attendant, advanced call routing, conferencing, and call recording.

Mobility – employees can access a cloud telephone system through any smartphone, tablet or laptop meaning that if they need to travel with work then their connectivity goes with them. Whereever there is an internet connection, be that through mobile data or Wi-Fi, employees could effortlessly access VoIP technology using regular smartphones and other devices, without any additional equipment.

Reliability – if users already have a robust Internet connection, the reliability of VoIP telephone system is assured. Employees lose VoIP connection only if they no longer have reliable Internet connection. The VoIP system itself is reliable and has redundancy built in so that, unlike a traditional on premise solution, if one server fails the others pick up the slack and the end user remains connected. In the unlikely event that the internet circuit fails, the brains of the system are still recieving and processing calls, routing callers to voicemail, mobiles or call answering services. And if you need to tweak or change the routing, that’s intsantly achieved through the web portal.

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