Offices to be 30% less occupied by 2025

April 8, 2021By Stephen DykesTechnology, Telephony

It’s no secret that the last 12-months will have had a dramatic impact on how businesses operate and a recent study by analysts IDC (International Data Corporation) predicts that whilst people are starting to return to work, offices will be 30% less occupied by 2025. By contrast, the analysis states that the number of home-workers … Read More

What is SoGEA?

January 28, 2021By Stephen DykesTechnology, Telephony

Since the inception of ADSL back in the late 1990’s to order an broadband or xDSL product you’ve always needed a phone line to overlay the xDSL on. However, SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) now allows you to order your xDSL without the need for a separate Phone line. Why should you care? Reduced … Read More

Free Broadband Offer

January 28, 2021By Stephen DykesTelephony, VoIP

As with any cloud-based service, the Securus CallSwitch Hosted Telephone System has been designed to work across any Internet connectivity from any provider. But our opinion is that the best practice is to use a dedicated connectivity circuit from the same provider as the telephones. This approach provides several key benefits over shared or 3rd … Read More

4 Benefits Of Moving To A VoIP Telephone System In 2021

January 19, 2021By Stephen DykesTechnology, Telephony, VoIP

If the pandemic has taught today’s businesses anything, it’s that they need reliable and redundant communication systems to deal with the times of emergency. Poor communication could lead to lower productivity and reduced sales. Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an excellent solution to complement or even replace current communication technologies and transitioning to a … Read More

How a Hosted Telephone System can help over Christmas

December 17, 2020By Stephen DykesTelephony, VoIP

In a world dominated by digital technology, it is easy to forget that customers still want to the businesses that provide them with products and services. Unlike email, social media, and instant messaging, direct verbal communication ensures a personal touch and provides the customer with the opportunity to resolve their query quickly. As more and … Read More

Hosted Telephony for a Virtual PA

September 28, 2020By Stephen DykesTelephony

As people’s lives have got busier, and people juggle more and more competing demands, the virtual PA, or online PA, has emerged as a resource for people to manage these challenges.  They can organise any part of a client’s life from work, personal, vacation etc.  Typically virtual PAs can work for a number of clients … Read More

Hotel Telephony considerations in 2020

September 28, 2020By Stephen DykesTelephony

Ultimately every Hotel is different in terms of the needs and desires for there Telephony system. However, in this ever more competitive sector, the need to have the customer experience at the heart of your decision making is more critical than ever. Realistically in the modern times, what does the in room phone get used … Read More