As with any cloud-based service, the Securus CallSwitch Hosted Telephone System has been designed to work across any Internet connectivity from any provider. But our opinion is that the best practice is to use a dedicated connectivity circuit from the same provider as the telephones.

This approach provides several key benefits over shared or 3rd party connectivity:

  • The connectivity and platform have been designed and tested to work with well with each other
  • Internal calls never need to touch the public internet and remain contained within our secure core network
  • Support is easier and quicker with just “one throat to choke” as we can diagnose and fix the problem quicker and you only have one provider to talk to
  • Plenty of dedicated bandwidth to avoid performance issues such as Quality of Service

Therefore, to help our customers to access these benefits and deliver their own dedicated “voice ready” internet access, we have decided to offer free connectivity for any order placed in Q1 2021 (Jan-Mar 2021). That’s right, for every order we will be providing a free broadband connection:

  • Orders over 10 users get a FREE FTTC or ADSL circuit
  • Orders over 100 users get a FREE 100Mb Leased Line

Securus offers a comprehensive portfolio of network services and solutions, delivered over a robust hyperscale network. We have our own 10GB core network and have connected all Tier One carriers, and many Tier Two carriers, to offer an unrivalled reach and access options. We are an ISP and members of the London Internet Exchange (LINX).

The circuits on offer will be the fastest service available and free for the first year.