Ultimately every Hotel is different in terms of the needs and desires for there Telephony system. However, in this ever more competitive sector, the need to have the customer experience at the heart of your decision making is more critical than ever.

Realistically in the modern times, what does the in room phone get used for?  As a regular hotel user, personally I use the phone to get in touch with house keeping, reception or room service.  My smart phone does the calls to home, or colleagues, or even does the wake up call.

So we can’t be without a phone in the room, but it just needs to be able to place a call internally generally, and ensure the person the other end knows who I am without having to tell them.

Personally I want the reception, housekeeping or room service to answer with ‘Hello Mr Rowe, how can I help you today’. Small things, but makes you feel welcomed.

So if the in room stuff is so easy, then does the phone system need to be basic, in all honestly the answer is no. 

Why you ask?

There are so many other features you can have on a phone system that the staff in a hotel can use it to make life easier for themselves and of course delight the guests.

Let’s look at some basics.

Staff need to be reachable, always.  With a modern Dect/wifi phone if you are in the premises, you are reachable. No more tracking down the maid, concierge or maintenance man, they are reachable always.  Sounds simple, but how many times have you waited for extra towels?

Presence management – In a hotel to make yourself unavailable, when servicing another client is important, to allow other members of the team to see whose available to ensure someone always is, gives the customer a real feel of slick service, someone is always ready to help.  No more engaged tones, or ‘I’ll get them to call you back as soon as possible’

Account marrying and mapping – Bringing the PMS (property management system) the Billing system and the customer account all into one place is possible with the right underlying tech. This is what allows that call to be answered with the personal touch.

Ease of use – I want my Hotel phone system to work like my smart phone, with similar features, and buttons, with app’s to allow things to be like home, or from a staff perspective like my every day life.  Most handsets can act like your smart phone in the modern era.

Video – As we move towards a period where Video is normal and expected, will customers and staff have expectations of video discussions?  Not so sure my call to room service after exiting the shower in a towel will need to be Video, but you get the point.

You’ll notice we’ve not touched on commercials within this overview, and that is deliberate as every hotel, as I said at the top will want different things. However, in cases where we’ve looked at options for clients the Hosted Telephony services, or Cloud Telephony if you like comes out on top pretty much every time.  The features mean that traditional costs for other services that are normally overlooked in a cost analysis can be brought back in and the savings are normally considerable. The key is to work with a company that knows the market and can give an appraisal of what is right from your wish list.  Then ensure the budget you set can be met. 

Flexible contracts for the post Covid 19 world are equally important, and this is where an agile company to partner with pays off.

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