March 2020 proved to be a watershed moment for businesses in the UK as employees were told to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Over the ensuing weeks and months, IT Departments up and down the land were now being asked to source and deploy solutions quickly to minimise disruption and downtime. Before long, many professional services companies had cobbled together a mixture of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) applications that delivered some form of effective solution.

Fast-forward to today and the “current normal” of tiered and national lockdowns has meant that whilst those organisations may have a little more breathing space, they now need to find a more permanent and effective solution that won’t break the bank.

As a telecoms company with decades of experience in helping businesses navigate the technology decisions within their organisations, Securus Voice have been working with a number of professional services customers to ensure they are still able to operate in these changing and challenging times.

One of the main problems our professional services customers faced was being able to continue to answer calls from their customers and route them to the right people within the business. Their IT systems had long since evolved to make use of cloud computing so that employees could simply take their laptop home and their office applications would go with them. But the only option for the telephones was to forward them to mobiles, losing much of the functionality and often adding significant costs.

The Securus CallSwitch Hosted Telephone System however, solved all of those problems in one complete solution:

  • Handset – Each user was provided with a Wi-Fi enabled IP deskphone so they could literally unplug it, take it home and connect to their home internet Wi-Fi router without trailing wires all around the living room.
  • Desktop App – Included as standard is the CallSwitch Communicator desktop app that, when installed on a laptop or desktop, turns that device into a full featured endpoint. Not only does it give users the full control that they would expect from a physical handset but also provides an Instant Messenger Chat function and the ability to easily take a call to an online meeting with desktop sharing. Users are also able to remotely control their desk handset and includes features such as click-to-dial and CRM integration.
  • Mobile App – Again, a standard feature provided for all users, those with an Android or iOS smartphone can install an app that adds their extension to their mobile device. For those without a smartphone, mobile twinning provides the ability to remain connected whilst working remotely and removes the need to remember to set up call diverts.
  • Online Self-Care Portal – Making small changes to the way your extension behaves can be made by the users through a convenient online portal. Setting up diverts, accessing voicemails and updating speed dials can be conveniently administered without having to tie up the IT department.
  • Meeting – Most people are used to Zoom calls or Teams meetings but with the Securus CallSwitch platform you no longer need to subscribe to a different application. The Communicator App allows for ad-hoc meetings with colleagues and external contacts but the full-featured Meetings platform users get on-demand or scheduled video conferencing and text chat, so you can get your teams face-to-face even if they can’t be together. Cross-device flexibility with high quality video and audio – just drag and drop contacts to start video conferencing instantly.
  • Flexibility – Gone are the days when to make the simplest change to your telephone system and engineer needed to attend site and make the changes from your office. As well as being inconvenient this was also costly as intentional moves, adds and changes (MACs) often fell outside of the maintenance contract and were chargeable. Now, almost all changes can be made via a web-based portal, allowing our engineers to effect any changes quickly. And we also include all MACs in our low monthly user cost.

We can’t change the fact that we’re having to adapt and change the way we work as the rules and guidelines change and evolve but we can help our customers to manage these changes better. By providing the latest technology tools our Professional Services customers are better able to support their customers and continue to deliver the highest levels of customer service they are renowned for whether that’s from home, the office or, as in one case we’ve come across, from the beach in Brazil.

If you’d like to find out more about how Securus CallSwitch could provide the technological advantage you need in the current climate then please get in touch.