In a world dominated by digital technology, it is easy to forget that customers still want to the businesses that provide them with products and services. Unlike email, social media, and instant messaging, direct verbal communication ensures a personal touch and provides the customer with the opportunity to resolve their query quickly.

As more and more businesses look to Hosted Telephone Systems to manage customer calls, we take a look at some of the features that make it the ideal solution for the Christmas period.

  • Voicemail-to-Email – A standard feature for most hosted solutions, voicemail-to-email attaches the voicemail message to an email and sends it to a user or group of users so they no longer need to visit the office to retrieve their voicemail. What’s more, users can record a personalised greeting from anywhere. Add to this, the Securus CallSwitch solution also transcribes the message and adds it to the email allowing users to see the content without having to listen to it.
  • Time-of-day Routing – Christmas is traditionally a time when people are less available as they use up their holiday’s or businesses slow down so it’s essential that the telephone system routes the calls as required. With the ability to make changes ad-hoc through an online portal, hosted telephone systems give businesses the tools to make changes in real-time as and when they need meaning customer calls get answered even when staffing levels are lower than usual.
  • Video Conferencing – unlike traditional landline, hosted telephone systems also incorporate collaboration tools that include video conferencing, instant messaging, desktop and document sharing making it easier to work with colleagues and customers without the need to be in the same room (or even country).
  • Connecting remote users – As employees seek greater flexibility to their working days to get ready and enjoy the festivities, hosted telephone systems give them the tools to remain connected wherever they are. From apps on their smartphones and laptops to online “self-care” portals that allow users to retrieve voicemail and change settings on their extensions.
  • Portability – people tend to move around more during festive period so make sure that your business telephone system supports portability. As well as being able to work with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, hosted telephone systems just need an internet connection so users can literally take their deskphone home with them. Indeed, the Yealink T54W features wifi connectivity so you don’t need cables trailing all over your lounge. So regardless of where they are, people may contact your business, and speak to the right person.
  • Automated Assistance – Formerly the preserve of large corporates with deep pockets, your business can set-up prepared answers to serve customers if they call after office hours. With artificial intelligence, your system can create relevant verbal replies to customers. However, customers should be notified that they are interacting with an artificial intelligence technology.
  • Cost-Effectiveness– you need to make sure that the hosted telephone system is cost-effective both for your business and customers. When placing domestic and international calls, VoIP can drastically reduce the costs.

Ensuring that you remain their for your customers over Christmas just got a whole lot easier with a hosted telephone system s0 to learn more about how Securus Voicecan give your business a helping hand at Christmas, contact us today and speak with a cloud telephone system expert who can answer any questions you might have.