Referral Programme

Earn from the services your
customers already consume.

The Securus Voice Partner Programme is simple way to help your connections with their telecoms challenges. Simply make an introduction between them and us and let us take care of the rest. If we’re able to help them then you will receive 20% of the monthly recurring revenues for as long as we provide services to that customer.

We don’t insist on a minimum annual quota or make you sign complicated contracts. We just enable you to help your business contacts with their technology challenges and open additional revenue streams.

Whether you want to connect offices, data centres or disaster recovery sites together, our connectivity solutions give you access to a fully managed service. We continually test and manage network performance and our services are backed by exceptional, industry-leading Service Level Agreements.

How it works:


Partner Programme benefits

  • No risk – We bill the customer and collect the payments
  • Zero touch – We will provide all of the support to the customer
  • We’re the expert – We will ensure that the customer gets the right solution for their needs
  • High commissions – You simply collect a recurring commission for as long as the customer has the service
  • Upgrades – We’ll even pay you the commission on any subsequent services the customer takes from us whether you sell it or not.

Whatever industry you’re in the Securus Voice Partner programme is the ideal way to add our products and services to your portfolio and grow your revenues through additional sales. Contact us today to find out more.