It seems that Working from Home (WFH) has become the new 9-to-5 with more and more of us wanting it to stay that way, at least in part, as we emerge from the pandemic.

However, as we set up offices in spare bedrooms or convert the dining room table to a desk, working remotely from the office doesn’t have to mean disconnected. The technology exists to ensure that we can keep in touch with colleagues and our peers.

But whilst Zoom has helped us manage our meetings better, what can be done to ensure that simple telephone calls are managed effectively?

Much has been made of the benefits of a cloud-based VoIP telephone system but with a dispersed workforce, it really comes into its own. Customers have been literally taking their phones home and plugging them into their broadband router to remain connected to the company network. But maybe there’s a better way?

So what do you need to support your teams as they grapple with the new working conditions?

  • A cloud-based telephone system – like Securus CallSwitch which gives you all the features of an enterprise-grade solution with the convenience of not being tied to one physical location.
  • Endpoint – notice how we didn’t say handset? An endpoint is simply where the calls are answered and managed by the user. This could be the Yealink T54W IP deskphone with its wireless capability making it the perfect choice for deploying at home. Indeed, due to our use of the latest secure open SIP standards, users can connect one of our handsets to any internet connection, anywhere in the world and be connected to the office phone network just like sitting at their usual desk. However, many users are preferring the convenience of a softphone app installed on their laptop, tablet or smartphone to get the job done. With the CallSwitch Communicator App you get all the features and more of your physical deskphone but without the bulky plastic device taking up valuable workspace. Add to this the Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset and you’ll enjoy crystal clear audio whilst keeping your hands free.
  • Collaboration – as mentioned before, Zoom (or Teams for Microsoft users) has become the buzzword for 2020. Making a Zoom call will no doubt live on as the new noun of 2021. But Zoom and other standalone cloud-based collaboration tools have one frustrating problem – they are standalone. They do not integrate with your office telephone system (apart from Teams). CallSwitch however, solves that problem by giving you an integrated Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) solution in one neat package making it easy to take a conversation from a simple webchat, through to a phone call and ultimately to a video call with screen-sharing capabilities. It’ll even let you seamlessly bring in participants from outside your company network.

However you’ve adapted to everything 2020 has thrown at you it’s a certainty that a dispersed workforce and the need to support remote teams will feature in the “new nomal”. Securus Voice Services have been helping customers adapt through adopting the new technology for years and will continue to do so.

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