Since the inception of ADSL back in the late 1990’s to order an broadband or xDSL product you’ve always needed a phone line to overlay the xDSL on. However, SoGEA (Single Order Generic Ethernet Access) now allows you to order your xDSL without the need for a separate Phone line.

Why should you care?

  • Reduced costs? – The first thing to consider is cost – it is ‘slightly’ cheaper to buy SoGEA than it is to buy a phone line and xDSL separately. In all honesty though, it’s not so significant that you’d rush out to buy it. Talk Talk have had a product called MPF Broadband (which simultaneously orders a phone line and xDSL at the same time to minimise install costs for years), so this doesn’t feel like something to write home about.
  • Better support? – Without two products to support the fix times will be shorter, and that too is a fact. Traditionally you have to check the working status of the phone line and the xDSL and work out which is at fault, so a shorter fix time is guaranteed as the issue will be diagnosed faster.
  • Future upgrades? – One of the real benefits are in the portfolio of products and the upgrade paths. Using the SoGEA path allows you to move through the traditional ceiling of 80mb available today with VDSL (FTTC) and onto the SoGFast speeds that mirror those of FTTP at up to 330mb. Even with the limited upload speeds (50mb on the 330mb download product) you are at low spec leased line speeds, for nowhere near leased line costs.
  • Home Workers? – With more and more employees now working from home, a trend that is set to continue even after the pandemic, SoGEA offers a better connectivity solution for home working than traditional broadband services such as FTTC.
  • Downsides? – Yes, there are. Without a traditional phone line you won’t be able to plug in a home phone to the BT socket and make calls, there won’t be a phone number with the service either. That being said, Ofcom research suggests that the number of people who actually use a home phone has halved in the last few years and home users that want a phone service can always subscribe to a VoIP based service for that.

To summarise, with SoGEA you get a quicker install, a cheaper product, better supported with an upgrade path to almost leased line speeds, for very attractive commercial considerations.

What’s not to like in that?

Couple this with the ultra-resilient privately owned Securus core network, and support teams that regularly get high customer praise for our staff, then it’s a no brainer for small office, branch office deployments, or that high using home worker that needs to be satisfied.